Free How to Prepare Camera Ready Art

Camera ready art is the lifeblood of publishing. This free guide shows you what to do.

“Camera ready” means just what it says. Your copy must be ready for the printer to photograph. From this photograph, he prints as many copies as you want. Don’t expect him to shrink or enlarge your copy, or any part of it. He can’t except by special arrangement and costs.

Your copy must be pure black and white. In some cases a printer can “shoot” other colors, but you’re better off to check with him first. Red ink on white paper is OK. Use liquid paper to black out dirt, smudges, or anything you don’t want printed. Don’t erase. Leave plenty of margin on circulars. “Half-tones” (pictures previously printed and composed of hundreds of tiny dots to simulate grey areas) don’t print too well. Remember, the camera picks up exactly what it sees. It will not clear up your sloppiness. You must be neat, clean, honest.