Famous badminton players

The greatest American player ever developed is David G. Freeman of Pasadena, Calif. From 1939, until the national championships were abandoned after 1942 because of the war, he dominated the sport. Fantastic stories are told about Freeman’s skill, one being that, in the midst of any volley, he can drive the shuttlecock at any designated spot and make a `bullseye.’ Freeman has the speed of a projectile, when in action, and accuracy of placement beyond that of any amateur performer in the history of the sport. He also is the greatest retriever badminton has produced.

Other great American men players have been Walter R. Kramer, Chester Goss, Donald Eversoll, Hamilton Law, Richard Yeager, William Markham, Carl Loveday, Donald Richardson, Phillip Richardson, LeRoy Erikson, Reaford Haney, William Faversham, Wayne Schell, C. Raynor Hutchinson, Clinton Stephens, Richard Mitchell, Barney McCay, Webb Kimball, Roy Lockwood, Wynn Robers, Marten Mendez, Joseph Alston, Dr. Jim Poole, Dr. Don Paup, Dr. Stanton Hales, and Chris Kinard.

The great English badminton men players through the last 40 years have included F. Chesterton, G.A. Sautter, H.N. Marrett, Sir George A. Thomas, G.B.S. Mack, J.F. Devlin, F.Hodge, E. Hawthorn, D.C. Hume, H.G. Uber, A.K. Jones, R.C.F. Nichols, R.M. White and Ken Davidson (later of the United States).

The Canadian men stars were Col. A.E. Snell, McTaggart Cowan, Dr. H.T. Douglas, C.W. Aikmen, Jack Underhill, Jack Purcell, J.W. Taylor, Douglass Grant, Rod Phelan, Jack G. Muir, Noel Radford, George Goodwin Jr., James Forsythe, J.E. Sibbald, Reginald Hill, D.W.R. McKean, Grant Henry, John Samis, James Snyder, Paul Snyder, Richard Birch, Len Schlemm, Allan France, H.K. Pollock, H.E. Porter, Gordon Simpson, Don Smythe, Daryl Thompson, Alan Williams, Dave McTaggart, Wayne MacDonnell, Jamie Paulson, Bruce Rollick, and Yves Pare.

Malaya has produced such stellar stars as Wong Peng Soon, Eddy B. Choong, Ooi Teik Hock, Punch Gunalan, Ng Boon Bee, Ong Poh Lim, and Tan Aik Huang. Denmark has contributed Finn Kobbero, Jorgen HammergaardHansen, Erland Kops, Svend Pri, and Henning Borch.
Mexican Athletes are Ernesto Villareal, Dr. Antonio Rangel, Roy Diaz Gonzalez, and Victor Jaramillo, Jr. Indonesian outstanding players include Rudy Hartono, Tan Joe Hok, Ferry Sonneville, Muljadi, and Indra Gunawan.

The outstanding women players of the United States, with Mrs. Judy Devlin Hashman considered by most experts to be the greatest woman player of all time, have included Mrs. Del Barkhuff, Mary E. Whittemore, Mrs. Evelyn Boldrick Howard, Mrs. Roy C. Bergman, Helen Gibson, Mrs. Zoe Smith Yeager, Mrs. Thelma Scovil (who was England’s champion as Thelma Kingsbury), Janet Wright, Elizabeth Anselm, Mrs. Helen Zabriski Ough, Shirley Stuebgen, Ethel Marshall, Margaret Varner, Sue Devlin, Thelma Welcome and Lois Alston.

Also, Patricia Donovan, Sally L. Williams, Mrs. Huelet (Loma Moulton) Smith, Mary Hagan, Mrs. Ray Casey, Mrs. George Wightman, Mrs. Charles (Helen Noble) Tibbetts, Connie Horner, Marianna Gott, Dorothy Hann, Shirley Blanchett, Mrs. Bert (Tody Rahmn) Rhine, Mrs. M.B. Reel, Patsy Starrett, Barbara Templeton, Beatrice Massman, Mrs. Virginia Hill, Tyna Barinaga, Mrs. Diane Hales, and Pam Stockton.

The brilliant English women players were Miss M. Lucas, Mrs. R.C. Tragett, Miss Gowenlock, Miss Cundall, Miss Hogarth, Miss Bateman, Miss E.G. Peterson, Miss L.C. Radeglia, Mrs. Kathleen McKane Godfree, Mrs. A.D. Stocks, Mrs. M. Barrett, Miss L.M. Kingsbury, Miss M. McKane, Miss V. Elton, Mrs. H.S. Uber, Miss A. Woodruff, Thelma Kingsbury, Miss D.M.C. Young, Mrs. Margaret Barrand, Mrs. Ursula Smith Oakley, Mrs. Angela Bairstow Palmer, Mrs. Heather Ward Nielsen, Mrs. Iris Cooley Rogers, and Mrs. Gillian Perrian Gilks.