Detect and remove lice

The first sign of body lice may be itching where there is body hair-the scalp, armpits, pubic area, or even the beard or eyebrows. Unless you have sharp eyesight, you may find it difficult to see lice without a magnifying glass. Their tiny bite is also hard to see, but you’ll probably be able to see their nits-small, white egg clusters attached to hair strands.

You may be able to eliminate lice with an over-the-counter shampoo. Do not use one with pyrethrin if the person is allergic to ragweed. Comb out nits with a special fine-tooth comb. Wash linens and clothing in hot water, and iron when dry. If the problem continues, consult a doctor.

Don’t be ashamed. They don’t signify an unclean home or person, and they don’t respect class. Secrecy can lead to epidemics in a family, school, or neighborhood. Anyone with whom an infested person has been in close contact can catch them, and should be told that the problem exists.