Decorative Uses And Supports For Climbing Plants

Climbing plants can attractively fill vertical spaces in your home. Use them to divide a room, curtain a window, cover an expanse of wall, or frame a door. Most flowering climbers, such as passion flowers, bougainvilleas, stephanotis, and black-eyed Susan vine (Thunbergia alata), need full sun or bright light. A few plants grown for their foliage, such as creeping fig, ivy, and philodendron, do well with limited light.

Some, like the passion flower and stephanotis, will wind themselves around almost any support: chicken wire frames, strings stretched between tacks, netting, or a trellis. Arrange their growing tips to achieve the pattern you want. Other plants need to be tied loosely to stakes or a ladder of lath; use wire-and-paper twisters, garden twine, or transparent tape folded lengthwise at the center so that it doesn’t adhere to the stem.