Cow Chip Throwing Title and World Record

Did you know throwing cow chips (dried cow poop) was a sport? Neither did I. It turns out that Oklahoma is the center of the cow chip throwing world. And guess what? They have a champion.

Fire Chief James Pratt returned to defend his title and he won!

James Pratt threw his cow chip 150 feet, which is less than the world record of 185 feet. Pratt has previously throw a cow chip 175 feet.

The results:

Men’s throw winners: James Pratt of Beaver 1st with a throw of 150’3″. Second Todd Yeomans, Beaver, with a throw of 138′. Third Ted Sutton of Laverne with a throw of 121’2″

Here is a picture of the champion cow chip thrower:


Congrats to James Pratt for defending his title!