Centering the words without a ruler sign

To make a neat sign without complicated measuring, start with pencil sketches on scrap paper, until you find a balanced and pleasing arrangement of the letters. Then print the first line of your message on scrap paper the same width as your poster or signboard. Make the letters with single strokes; you’ll widen the lines later.

Blacken the back of the paper with a soft pencil and fold the paper in the center of the line of words. Pencil a light line down the middle of the poster or board. Tape the paper lightly to the board, matching the fold to the line. Trace over the letters to transfer them.

Continue until you’ve transferred each line of your message. Then go over the letters lightly in pencil, straightening their lines and evening their height and thickness. If you need to erase, use an art-gum eraser. Broaden the letters with a broad tipped marker or a flat-end sable lettering brush and poster paint. As an alternative, you can buy a stencil with the letters of the alphabet and stencil your sign.