Bike safety tips

Wear a helmet and equip your bike with a loud bell or horn, rear and front lights, and a 3-inch rear reflector. Ride with the traffic and as far to the right as you can. Comply with traffic signs and signals as though your bicycle were a car. Know and follow your community’s traffic laws. Get a copy of the vehicle code from the state motor vehicle department, and request local information from the Automobile Association of America (AAA).

Stop ahead, looking out for pedestrians, potholes, bumps, and debris. Watch for cars leaving a parking place without signaling, taxis suddenly stopping to pick up fares, car doors opening without warning, and other cyclists. Try to allow room ahead and on your right. If you must turn suddenly, apply the brakes before turning the wheel. If you must stop suddenly, slide back on the saddle and bring your shoulders down as you squeeze the brakes hard.