Allergies and allergy relief and causes

In addition to the allergies that localize in the nose and the bronchial tubes, such reactions may come in the stomach and intestines, in the skin and in the joints. They may manifest themselves as headaches and in disturbances of the blood vessels.

The reaction to foods is manifested by swelling, excess secretion, and spasm of the bowel. This is not nearly so frequent as commonly thought. Nevertheless, children react to eggs, milk, or other proteins. Diets from which the offending substances are eliminated stop the symptoms.

Sometimes the taking of foods to which there is sensitivity is followed by headaches due to pressure in the brain from swelling of tissues. Chocolate, nuts, onions and spices, garlic, and similar foods are the most frequent offenders.

Sensitivity to foods may also reveal itself by eruptions on the skin with severe itching and sometimes with wheals or blisters. Similar reactions occur from the taking of glandular substances or, secondarily, from infections. Occasionally sensitivities manifest themselves by inflammation of the eyes, swellings in the internal ear, purpura with blood spots in the skin, inflammations of nerves or eczema. The investigation of such cases with determination of the factors of importance and elimination of exposure to them, requires patience and intelligence on the part of both physician and patient.

People may be sensitive to the injection of serums and respond excessively to the injection of preventive inoculations.

Allergists describe reactions called “contact dermatitis” from mascara, the material in dress shields or brassieres, the dyes used on furs or shoes, or the filler used in rayon underwear. Sometimes the drug used to relieve a sensitivity creates a sensitivity to itself.