What to Serve with Soups quickly

You are limited only by your own imagination. Crackers of various shapes and flavors are always good. In New England, water crackers are usually served. The crackers can be pepped up by brushing them lightly with melted butter or margarine, then sprinkling grated cheese, poppy seeds, onion or garlic salt over the top. These should be placed on a cooky sheet and heated in a 350° oven for about 10 minutes.

Croutons are one of the better-recognized garnishes for cream soup. Make them by cutting 1/2 -inch cubes of bread, and saute them in hot butter, gently shaking the pan until the squares have browned and toasted. Garlic or onion salt added just before taking them from the pan will add greatly to the flavor.

Bread cut in thin strips, brushed with melted butter or margarine, and toasted in the oven is delicious. Or, after the strips of bread are toasted, sprinkle grated cheddar cheese on one side and put under broiler for about a minute —until the cheese is melted.

Split pea or lentil soup always tastes better with a topping of frankfurters cut in one-inch lengths.

What to Serve with Soups quickly photoOnion soup must have rounds of toast and a generous amount of Parmesan cheese. Bouillon or consomme always seems a little better when served with Melba toast, but many folks prefer a special custard, cut in cubes or fancy shapes. Egg rivels are also a favorite, and matzoth balls are wonderful with chicken soup. A slice of lemon or lime is usually floated on bouillon or consommé.

Sometimes children think they don’t care for soup, but a sprinkling of fluffy white popcorn over the soup gives them an urge to find out what is underneath the popcorn.

Before everyone became so conscious of calories, a touch of whipped cream was frequently floated on cream soups.

Soup should always be accompanied with something, but just what that something is to be may be left to your imagination and good judgment.