Unknown French travel tips

SPECTATOR SPORTS… Horse racing goes on almost all year at one track or another near Paris. Soccer is popular at the Parc des Princes and at Colombes Stadium. Tennis tournaments and championship matches take place at Stade Roland-Garros in the Bois. Boxing matches are frequent. Basketball games during the winter.

SPORTS … There is a fine golf course at St. Cloud (card necessary), also at St. Germain, Chantilly, Mortefontaine, etc. Riding in the Bois. There is skiing in the French Alps and the Pyrenees in winter. Yachting, swimming, fishing, golf, riding all along the Riviera, Deauville, Biarritz, and good fishing in Brittany.

THEATERS. ..In Paris: The Comidie Frangaise, one of the most famous theaters in the world, is open all year except in August. Grand opera may be heard all year except during August at the Opera. The Opera Comique has light opera. The Grand Guignol, which features horror plays, is certainly worth a visit. The Folies Bergere is the mecca of many Americans and there are numerous music halls offering variety shows which you can enjoy without understanding French. Buy your seats from a broker; it saves wear and tear. Performances at 8:45 P.M. Matinees Thursday and Sunday at 3:00. See Music for a listing of concert halls.

TIME… Six hours later than United States Eastern Standard Time.

TIPPING .:. Hotels add a service charge to your bill, but still you must tip the bell boy, porter, chambermaid, waiter and anyone else who does anything for you. It is customary to tip movie-theater ushers. Cab drivers are tipped 20 per cent of the meter reading. There is a washroom attendant who must be tipped. The wine waiter gets a tip in addition to your regular waiter. The concierge should be tipped, too.

TOURIST TAXFS … Port taxes of $10 1st class, $6.50 2nd class and $3.50 tourist class collected at all seaports. Embarkation airport taxes are 4 or 5 francs for European countries, 15 francs for elsewhere.

Unknown French Travel Tips PhotoTRANSPORTATION … There are plenty of taxis but somehow they are not always easy to get. It is advisable always to notice whether the taxi you hire has a meter. Unmetered cabs often charge exorbitant rates. It is wise to keep your cab waiting if you are shopping. Between twelve and two drivers won’t take you anywhere except in the direction they are going. They are usually going to lunch. Taxi drivers are as volatile and excitable as ever and cabs are just as aged.
After 11:00 P.M. taxi rates are doubled. Consult your driver before you go anywhere, because at night clubs and theaters fixed-rate cabs are waiting. There are stands for cars for hire near most of the hotels. These are more expensive than ordinary cabs. Travel by Metro (subway) at least once. There are buses all over Paris too. You must queue up for these, and there are pads of numbers on posts near bus stops which you take, thus giving yourself an assured place in the line. Metro and bus operating hours, which vary, are posted on each station.

WATER … It’s safe to drink. There are plenty of bottled waters, Perrier, Evian and Vittel, that are good and cheap.

WHAT TO BUY … Clothes, of course, from one of the great designers, if you can afford them. If you want the very latest, don’t buy dresses. anywhere but at top shops or couturiers. Fashions have a two-year patent in Paris. Shoes are not a good buy; they are apt not to be right for American feet. Paris hats are like no other hats anywhere. Lingerie, blouses, gloves, laces, china, Lalique glass, Daum crystal, cognac and champagne are all cheaper than at home. Made-to-order girdles are wonderful. Perfumes are amazingly inexpensive, for there is no middleman. Prices are standard in all- stores. The handbags and umbrellas are excellent. Costume jewelry is low priced, too. Furs are better at home. Hermes’ engagement and address book is a standard French gift for a man. For men there are also hand-rolled handkerchiefs, lisle socks, ties, wallets and fishing reels.

WHAT TO WEAR … Your newest, smartest clothes. The sort of thing you would wear in any large city at home. You’ll need a raincoat, a suit, walking shoes, evening clothes if you plan any gala night life. Men should dress as in any city. Dinner jacket is a necessity for a man. If you go to the Riviera, take your newest sports clothes, evening clothes and a fur jacket, beach clothes. Men need slacks, sport shirts, bathing trunks and robes. For skiing what you would wear at a good resort at home, or buy your ski things abroad.