Systems engineer accountability checklist

The following guide serves as an explanation for each of the subject areas rated. If you have any questions concerning the areas, please see your team leader.


Utilization rates at or greater the mean percentage among SEs:

At the end of each month a report is issued based on completed SROs. This report determines SE utilization. You must at least meet the mean percentage on this report for a 3. A 4 would be significantly higher, a 5 would be close to doubling your rate.

Works to build utilization rates at greater than mean percentage.

If you are on-site a 3 is what you would expect to receive. 4s and 5s are awarded for people who work hard to generate new business on their own.

PreSales/post sales support to sales force

The sales force relies on our technical expertise and experience to help close customers on new business. A 3 is someone who attends presales calls with sales people and helps the customer with normal questions after a sale. A 4 would seek out the opportunities, while a 5 works on their own to make things happen.

Attends vendor supported training and seminars when required

As Company is a reseller we must take time to help vendor partners achieve more market and mindshare. To attain this it is necessary to participate in vendor training and sales efforts. Attending regular events would warrant a 3. A 4 is someone who involves Company regularly and directly, while a 5 is someone who creates an event, plans it and makes it happen with a vendor.

Mentors when appropriate in mastered technical areas.

We each have our own strengths when it comes to technical abilities. It is important that we share these abilities with others through mentoring. Attaining a 3 is gained by openly discussing and demonstrating knowledge to others. A 4 is attained by making an effort to spread this knowledge without being asked and a 5 is someone who is constantly making themselves available for consultations, etc.

Abilities in Core Competencies

Preparation of proposal requests including bid specifications, project planning and cost projection.

Having the basic knowledge of the composition of a proposal and having the ability to find the information needed will gain a 3. Being able to create a proposal with little information or other challenging aspects will earn a 4, while preparing flawless customer closing, technically sound  proposals will earn a 5.

Ability to plan, configure network solutions.

Having the knowledge to plan and configure a network will earn a 3. Knowing everything about every aspect of network planning will earn a 4 or 5.

Ability to install and implement network solutions.

Having the knowledge and ability to integrate all the pieces of a network solution will earn a 3. Being able to learn new technology and implementing under a crushing deadline, etc. will earn a 4 or 5.

Mastery of software knowledge.

How well do you know today’s software? This includes NOS and application software. A working knowledge of popular packages will gain a 3. Total understanding and determining proper usage will earn a 4 or 5 or the title of Guru.

Systems engineer accountability checklistMastery of hardware knowledge.

How well do you know today’s hardware? This includes desktop and server units and peripherals. A working knowledge of hardware will gain a 3. Total understanding and determining proper usage will earn a 4 or 5 or the title of Guru.

Develops and exhibits sales support skills.

Can the sales people count on you? If so, you’re a 3. Do you go out of your way to work with the sales people? Are you helping to close deals? If so, you’re a 4 or a 5.

Demonstrates professionalism in writing skills.

Is your writing understandable? Is your writing grammatically correct with few errors? Congratulations, you are a 3. If you are a consistent, professional writer and conveyer of thoughts and ideas you are in the 4 or 5 range.

Professionally and independently carries out duties assigned.

A big part of being an SE is having the freedom to structure your time. If you handle this well you’re a 3. Folks who consistently check in and complete out of town assignments are 4s and 5s.

Demonstrates professional appearance and demeanor when interacting with clients.

Our typical rate is $125.00/hour. Do you carry yourself as someone who deserves to earn $125.00? A 3 does. Those coming in at 4 or 5 are the model of professionalism.

Ability to lead/manage a team.

Can you give direction? Can you band a group of SEs together and pull towards a common cause? Do you follow-up appropriately? If so, you receive a 3. Taking group dynamics to new levels earns a 4 or 5.

Continued technical education through exam completion.

Customers are impressed with certified people. Are you learning what you need to secure certifications? Are you passing exams? If so, you earn a 3. Gaining a certification quickly with minimal investment gains a 4 or 5.

Continuously works to add and improve knowledge.

Are you in the know? Do you read trade publications? Do you have a network at home? If you are striving to keep your knowledge level up you’re a 3. 4s and 5s learn even more.


Completes SROs on a weekly basis by the due date.

Do you turn in SROs by the required deadline? Are they filled out completely? If so, you are a 3. 4 or 5s redefine the process.

Completes weekly status by the due date.              

Status reports are due on Monday morning. Do you turn it in on time? Is it complete? If so, you are a 3. 4 or 5s take the process to the next level.

Attends appropriate meetings as requested.                      

Are you attending the SE meetings? What about team meetings? 3s attend all requested meetings.

Responds appropriately to requested items from office admin.

Someone may sometimes ask for you to turn in a form, follow a new process or anything related to office management. Do you do this? A 3 does.

Follows all office and corporate guidelines.                                   

3s follow office and corporate guidelines on a regular basis without any reminder.

Demonstrates and understands Company core values.    

Do you know Company’s core values? Can you demonstrate how you have used them in your customer interaction? A 3 can do this. A 4 or a 5 is doing it right now.