Macintosh printing issue on Windows NT Compaq Server

Macintosh printing issue on Windows NT Compaq Server

Windows NT can support partition sizes of 264, which is practically unlimited.

Can you change the partition size after original installation?

Yes and no. You can add more space to the partition by adding additional drives and spanning the partition. You cannot delete space from the partition without backing up and restoring your data.

Do the filenames of Mac files change when migrated to Windows NT 4.0?

No, the filenames and data/resource forks migrate intact.

Does Windows NT Server 4.0 support partition compression? If so, what is the ratio?

The compression algorithm is similar to that provided by the MS-DOS 6.0 DoubleSpace® and MS-DOS 6.22 DriveSpace® compression. You can expect anywhere from 20-90% compression depending on the file types.

Will there be any downtime experienced by the users when the new server is installed and the data migrated?

Depending on when the conversion is completed there will be minimal interruption in work. Scheduling the data migration starting Friday evening and into Saturday would be best.

Does NT provide sub-block allocation?

Yes it does.

Does BackupExec use a user license on NT?

BackupExec uses the default user ADMINISTRATOR to back up the server and others PCs.

Will file linking still be available? Will the files remain linked?

Macintosh printing issue on Windows NT Compaq Server PhotoYour main application, Quark, uses the subscribing and publishing feature of the System 7.5 software. As long as the files are on the same partition the linking will be re-established. We are verifying this with Quark, though.

What is the maximum partition size a Mac client can access on a Windows NT 4.0 server?

The size is unlimited using System 7.5.5. The Mac clients will report 0k free on the network drives, but the space will be available.

Does Compaq’s External Hard Drive Sub-system provide hot swappable drives?

Yes, it does.

How many hard drives can be hot swappable?

All the hard drives may be hot swappable. A total of 300 Gigabytes per server is supported.

Does the Compaq Proliant 2500 6/200 32MB/O HD CDROM, SMART come with the driver controller that supports hot pluggable?

Yes, it does.

What type of cabling is the customer using?

Category 5.

What workstation NIC should the customer use?

Existing EtherTalk NICs are adequate.

What is the minimum RAM requirement of the MAC workstation?

20 megabytes.

What is the recommended RAM for the NT file server?

With Macintosh services and a backup service running you will need 64 megabytes of memory. For outstanding cache performance we suggest 128 megabytes.

What file system format should be used on the server?


Are there any printing issues?

None depending on network printing capabilities.

What is Windows NT Advanced Server 3.51 compared to Windows NT Advanced Server 4.0?

Windows NT Advanced Server 4.0 introduced additoonal networking functionality as well as adding the Windows95 graphical interface.

What is the User Authentication Module? Do we need it installed?

The UAM provides a method of password protection on your network. Instead of sending a straight text password to the server, the UAM allows passwords to be encrypted. Since your network is so small and no one has the advanced equipment necessary to hack a password the UAM is not needed.