How to repair trim on car replace

Trim on cars how to reattach a loose piece

If an exterior trim piece has pulled off, it can often be refitted simply by pushing its clip back into a mounting hole or the trim back into its clip. If not, reattach it with trim adhesive, a contact cement; follow the instructions on the tube. Remove the clips before applying adhesive. If the mounting holes are rusted, first wire-brush them, then apply rust-resistant paint.

Apply adhesive to both surfaces, then push them together. If the trim must curve around a body part or possibly take impact, as a bumper strip must, use a flexible adhesive designed specifically for bumper strips.

On flat trim pieces. such as medallions and gearshift-pattern indicators. use a quick-setting cyanoacrylate glue,- the gel type can fill very small gaps. For larger gaps, use a fast-setting (5-minute) epoxy cement.