How to check power steering fluid level and top off?

Check the level of fluid in your car’s power-steering pump twice a year. If you need fluid each time or if the loss is great, have a mechanic look for leaks.

With the car level, remove the cap from the reservoir, which may be atop the power-steering pump or remotely mounted.

Read the level on the cap’s dipstick. If the fluid temperature is above 50°F, it should be above the Add mark and as high as the Cold / Full mark. If the fluid is hot to the touch, it should be above Cold full and as high as Hot/full. If a dipstick is marked only with Add and Full, the fluid should be between those marks.

No dipstick?

The fluid level should be up to the bottom of the filler neck. If it’s not, install a name-brand power-steering fluid or Dexron automatic transmission fluid.