How to change a flat tire

Tire changing. How to change a flat.

Check the pressure of your spare tire whenever you check your tires. Carry a complete jack assembly. a large 3/8 –

Form point in center to 1/2-inch thick board, and a strong pipe 2 to 3 feet long that fits over the end of the lug wrench.

If a tire goes flat while you’re driving. pull off the road at a safe, level spot. (If you can’t, call for service.) Turn on the emergency flashers, get the passengers out, put the transmission in Park (a manual transmission in reverse), and turn off the ignition. Chock the wheel diagonal to the flat with a large rock.

Take out the jack, pipe, wrench, and spare tire. Pry off the wheel cover with the flat end of the wrench handle. Loosen the wheel nuts with one turn of the wrench.

Unless you are on concrete, place the board under the jack, engage the jacking point on the car (see your owner’s manual), and check that the jack sits flat under it. Jack until the wheel is 2 to 3 inches off the ground.

Finish removing the nuts (place them in the wheel cover), slide off the wheel, and mount the spare. The wheel must sit flat on its mount. Thread on the nuts finger-tight.

Lower the car: remove the jack. Then, using a crisscross pattern, tighten the nuts in stages with the wrench. Tap the wheel cover into place with the heel of your hand. Remove the wheel chock.