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CUSTOMS REGULATIONS AND DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR UNITED STATES CITIZENS… You may bring in 1,000 cigarettes, 250 cigars or 41/2 pounds of tobacco in your luggage, 2 bottles of liquor with seal broken, 2 pounds of any food stuffs, nylons and clothing for personal use. You need a valid passport but no visa unless you plan to stay more than three months. You will need a vaccination certificate to get back home.

Two still cameras of different sizes or makes with 10 rolls of film for each and one movie camera with 10 rolls of film may be brought in. In currency 250 N.F. (new francs) may be taken out.

CLIMATE … It seldom gets either very cold or very hot in Paris, although there are some exceptional days each season. Paris is interesting to visit in all seasons, but particularly so in winter and spring.

CLUBS. ..In Paris: Jockey Club (very aristocratic–difficult to be admitted), International Club, Racing Club de France, Touring Club, Rotary Club, Lions International. Foreign members are admitted, In Nice and Marseilles: Propeller Club of the U. S.

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COMMON COURTESIES AND LOCAL CUSTOMS . You may find a number of customs in France new to you. Tickets are collected when you leave trains. All apartment houses have concierges who guard the door. Doors are locked at early hours each night. In small buildings the elevator will take you up but you are expected to walk down. It is customary to shake hands when you meet someone and when you say good-bye.

COMMUNICATIONS… Excellent long-distance telephone and cable service. The pneumatique is an inter-postoffice tube system which delivers a letter in about an hour, much faster than special delivery. Airmail to the United States costs 0.85 new francs.

CURRENCY … The monetary unit is the new franc, worth about 5 to the dollar at official exchange rate. One new franc equals one hundred old francs. You can buy some French goods at a discount by paying in U. S. dollars or traveler’s checks.

DRUG STORES… There are many drug stores in Paris and several with English-speaking clerks which cater to Americans.

ELECTRIC CURRENT … Throughout most of France domestic electric current is 110-115 volts A.C. In Paris the current is 50 cycles instead of 60 cycles as in the United States. Therefore, electrical equipment with moving parts (electric razors, phonographs, etc.) should be adjusted to function properly. Radios, irons, etc., will operate satisfactorily. Converter plugs are needed.

FAUNA … In Paris, mostly poodles and sparrows.

FLORA … In northern and central France, a wide variety of attractive wild flowers. In the south you will see vines, mimosa, orange trees and graceful cyprus.