Beeper coverage and off hours support rules

7X24 Beeper Coverage

Beeper coverage and off hours support rules photoHere are the duties:

  1. You need to wear or have the beeper available at all times powered on. Test the beeper daily to ensure it functions. If it doesn’t it is your responsibility to correct the situation.
  2. You need to respond to the call and provide first level troubleshooting on site. If it is a problem you cannot handle, call me at home or beep me. If you cannot reach me call the manager at home and beep him. The call is your responsibility cradle to grave.
  3. If you are sick, on vacation or training and cannot cover the beeper you must notify me. This is your responsibility.
  4. If you need parts for the repair coordinate with the manager. Ensure you send a completed report to the manager itemizing the parts used. This includes part numbers and SKUs where applicable.

The benefits:

  • $200.00 extra a month.
  • Overtime pay for the time you have the beeper and respond to the call during non working hours. Working hours are defined as 7:00am to 6:00pm Monday through Friday.  Holidays excluded.
  • The appreciation of everyone. Service contracts are a part of our revenue stream. You make it happen!

If for some reason there is a major conflict for the month you have been assigned it is your responsibility to find someone else, arrange a trade and let me know.