AccessBuilder 5000/7000 technical specifications

AccessBuilder 5000 technical specifications


The AB5000 chassis is a 17 slot enclosure with a passive backplane, multiple LAN segments, switching capabilities and a wide choice of LAN media cards and WAN options. Today, asynchronous remote access ports are offered for Ethernet
or Token Ring environments. Starting in the fall, integrated modules with channelized T1/E1 and ISDN PRI capabilities will be offered on this platform.

The chassis has a number of built in redundant components like controller modules, power supplies, management modules and fans, and powerful system and power management capabilities. Combined with port densities of 256 ports for Ethernet, and 128 ports for Token Ring, and the remote access dial in/dial out capabilities of the AB4000 multi protocol server software, the AB5000 is the perfect solution for enterprise environments that are looking to deploy remote access and telecommuting applications on a wide scale basis and are concerned about reliability, scalability and manageability.

The same exhaustive list of security support that is found on the AB2000 and AB4000 servers is also supported on the AB5000. Large databases of remote access profiles can be stored on either Microsoft WindowsNT servers, or Novell
Directory Services, or Security Dynamics ACE and SecurID servers etc., and combined with the Transcend AccessBuilder Manager capabilities for Unix and Windows environments, the AB5000 platform constitutes a superior and distinct offering in its class.




  • 16 SLOTS (Separate slots for Management Controller and Power supplies
  • Ships with One power supply standard.
  • Mid Plane design (media card plugs into rear, processor card with LEDs¬†plugs into front.

AccessBuilder 5000/7000 technical specifications PhotoPOWER SUPPLY

  • Power supplies are load sharing and Hot Swappable
  • One power supply ships with the base chassis and can power a fully loaded rack


  • Inband (Ethernet) and out of band (RS232) local management is built in


  • 4 PRI Interface cards (requires 12 PRI Bridge/Router single slot Modules or, 92 Routed ISDN “B” channels)


  • 16 BRI (or 8 BRI Bridge/Router modules; two slots each module)
  • 92 Routed “B” channels (when using PRI interface cards, 1 slot per module)


  • 60 Asyncronous V.110/V.120 channels


Each BRI bridge router card provides two WAN ports that can be optionally configured for V.35/V.24 connectivity and support combined speeds of 2 mbits/sec.

Each PRI bridge router card provides the ability to allocate two (2) of the 8 ISDN B channels to two (2) WAN ports for optional V.35/V.24 connectivity and support combined speeds of 2 mbits/sec.

  • 92 Routed ISDN B Channels (Via PRI) &
  • 20 WAN ports (V.35 or V.24)