Where to shop on vacation in denmark

where to shop on vacation denmark photoSHOPS AND STORES… Copenhagen is one of the great shopping centers of the world. Department stores in Copenhagen which sell distinctive Danish souvenirs are: Magasin du Nord, lllum and Crome and Goldschmidt. The headquarters of Georg Jensen is here. Also good are A. Michelsen and Hans Hansen. The Permanent Exhibition of Danish Industrial Arts is a good place to pick up marvelous textiles, pewter, ceramics, china and toys. Silver and furs cost much less than at home. Shops close at 5:30 P.M. weekdays and at 2:00 P.M. on Saturdays. There’s a tax-free store at the airport.

SPECTATOR SPORTS… Soccer is the national sport in Denmark. Racing and trotting meets are also very popular. Bicycle racing and tennis matches are great seasonal favorites, too. See the local papers for more information on these events.

SPORTS… There are golf courses at Aalborg, Aarhus, Asserbo, Esbjerg, Vesterhaysbad on the island of Fano, Elsinore, Kolding, Copenhagen, Odense, and Rungsted. Tennis courts are plentiful. The local club will gladly arrange for you to use their courts. Riding clubs throughout the country will give you information about hiring horses. Kajak and canoeing are favorite holiday sports. There are lovely rivers, like Gudenaa and Susaa, and the fjords. Freshwater fishing in some of the rivers may interest you, but if you prefer sea fishing, fishermen will be glad to take you out, There is great sport each year in tuna fishing in the Oresund off Elsinore. The season is from about August 15 to October 1. Sailing is ideal in Danish waters. You can hire a sailing boat at Svendborg or Skive.

THEATERS … Copenhagen is a great theater town. The presentations of the Royal Theater, including ballet and opera, will interest those unfamiliar with the Danish language. During the summer there are open-air performances all over Denmark, including the Viking Festival at Frederikssund June 20 to July 5 with colorful pageantry. Consult the National Travel Association for information on current programs. Denmark-47

Tivoli and Dyrehaysbakken are great big amusement parks open from May to September. There are outdoor comedy theaters, side shows, animal circuses, band concerts and pantomime, to name but a few of the attractions at these mammoth fun fairs.

TIME … Six hours later than United States Eastern Standard Time. Denmark uses the 24-hour clock (12:01 to 24:00 is P.M.). No daylight saving time.

TIPPING … All hotels and restaurants add a 15 per cent service charge to your bill. This is sufficient. Tip 15 per cent if it is not added. The same rule applies to taxis, barbers, etc.

TRANSPORTATION … Taxis, buses and trolley cars are plentiful in Copenhagen. There are good trains and cross-country buses for traveling in Denmark. Little steamers take you from island to island at reasonable rates. Cars for hire are readily available through all hotel porters and most travel agencies. Rates are reasonable. Apply to your Automobile Club.