What is trivia about atomic weapons

The flash of the Hiroshima bomb was so intense that it discolored concrete and sealed the surface of granite, leaving in many places prints of the shadows cast by the light of the explosion.

By triangulating these shadows with the objects that had cast them, Japanese scientists were able to pinpoint the exact center of the blast. Some of the shadows were of people.

Today’s nuclear warheads are smaller and more powerful than ever before, in order to maximize the efficiency of the delivery system.

At the outset of the Manhattan Project, Albert Einstein was one of the scientists who forecast that an A-Bomb would have to be so large and heavy that it would need a ship to deliver it to its target.

A one-megaton bomb detonated at ground zero would produce a crater 200 feet deep and a thousand feet across. Nuclear shelters have been designed both for private purchase and national use.

Sweden and Switzerland have laid plans to shelter their entire populations.