What foods reverse aging

what-foods-reverse-aging-photoFoods are very important in the aging process. The foods you select and the way you eat them can prevent or even reverse aging in your body. The important thing to understand is that nutrition is the basis for life.

Here’s a quick list of foods that help reverse aging:

Carrots can repair lungs: You have two nutrients in carrots called alpha carotene and beta carotene. These nutrient are critical for your lung’s health. As aging occurs your lungs will naturally grow older and its internal defenses wane. Carrots can help reverse this process and provide additional protection for your lungs.

Remember blueberries: Another sign of aging is memory problems. Where did you put the keys? Did you take your medicine? While there is no magic pill for memory yet, you can eat blueberries. They have natural nutrients in them that have shown to enhance connections in your brain that break down due to age.

Protect bones: The apple a day adage hasn’t been more true than it is now. Researches have found that eating an apple a day decreases bone density loss, which occurs due to aging. Would you believe the nutrient is called boron?

Aging happens to everyone, but there are definitive steps you can take to slow or reverse the problems you experience.