What are travel problems in belgium

what are travel problems in belgium photoCLUBS … The American Chamber of Commerce, 21 rue du Commerce, Brussels, can advise you the meeting days of the American Club. Rotary, Lions and commercial clubs in every city.

COMMON COURTESIES AND LOCAL CUSTOMS .. Handshaking when you meet or leave anyone. Bring or send flowers when invited to dinner at a private home.

COMMUNICATIONS … Cables; transatlantic telephone; airmail to the U.S.: postal card BF 6.00, letter BF 8.50 (for 5 grams) and 2.50 for each additional 5 grams.

CURRENCY … The monetary unit is the Belgian Franc. ($1 equals 50 Belg. frs.). One franc is divided into 100 centimes.

CUSTOMS REGULATIONS AND DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR UNITED STATES CITIZENS … Passport required. No visa needed. Vaccination certificate for re-entry into the United States. You can bring in 200 cigarettes, 1/2 lb. of tobacco or 50 cigars, l opened bottle of wine or liquor. Additional quantities can be left in transit on arrival.

DRUG STORES … Only pharmacies are found here. They usually carry only pharmaceuticals and a limited choice of cosmetics. Other items found in American drug stores are available in general stores here.

ELECTRIC CURRENT … Both 220 volt and 110 volt A.c., so check first at your hotel. European plugs needed.

FAUNA … Deer, wild boars, hares, wild fowl and game birds, wild ducks; hunting and shooting authorized only on private property; invitations to hunting and shooting parties can be obtained through hunting clubs or associations. Fishing is highly specialized, at sea, in rivers and streams; mostly private, however. Licenses for hunting and fishing are needed.

FLORA … The Ardennes are beautifully wooded. Flanders abounds in pastures. The district of Ghent is renowned for its orchids and begonias and its azaleas are world famous. There are many beautiful public parks in most cities.

FOOD … Most people think that Brussels ranks with Paris when it comes to food. Local specialties are choesels d la Bruxelloise (kidney), waterzooi (chicken in broth), lobster in whisky sauce, snipe cooked in brandy, chicken in sherry.

GAMBLING … Casinos at Knocke-Le Zoute, Blankenberg, Ostend, Namur, Chaudfontaine, Spa and Dinant.

LANGUAGE … French and Flemish are the official languages, but most people you contact will have a working knowledge of English.

LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING … All the hotels have quick, expensive laundry and dry-cleaning service.

LIQUOR … Good French wines and unlimited choice of other liquors. Whisky and cocktails about 80 cents each. Belgian beer is very good.