What are menu choices for a breakfast wedding

Traditional Menu, usually called a breakfast, is actually a luncheon. This begins with hot chicken or clam bouillon usually topped with seasoned whipped cream, or, if the day is warm, jellied MadrilIne or some other iced soup. There is a main dish, such as delicate creamed chicken or sweetbreads-and-mushrooms in patty shell, with new peas and tiny parsleyed potatoes. Sometimes included is a green salad or a jellied salad, an aspic, lobster mousse, or any other delicate fish or meat mousse. Dessert is ice cream in fancy molds, such as wedding bell, double ring, heart, with petits fours and coffee.

In some families, their own traditional wedding dishes are served in place of such a menu and their own historic wedding customs prevail, especially in the decorations and music. It is a bride’s privilege to modify the conventional plans to please her family and herself.

Bride’s Cake Throughout the reception and during luncheon the Bride’s Cake has been the centerpiece on the bride’s table, or it is brought in at the end of luncheon on a decorated cart to the bride’s table. It is cut by the bride and served to the groom and then to the rest of the bridal party at her table, and if there is a second table for parents and close relatives, the bridal cake is also served to them.

This may be a caterer’s or home-made cake of rich, delicate white layers in tiers, decorated with or without clusters of frosting flowers, with or without bride and groom dolls on top. But nothing is written on this cake (as on a birthday cake).

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Wedding Cake, which is usually dark fruit cake, may be cut, wrapped in foil, put in white boxes and tied with white ribbon to be given to all members of the bridal party as well as to reception guests.

As soon as the bride cuts and serves her cake at the end of luncheon, she and the groom may excuse themselves and leave to dress for their departure. All guests stay until the couple have said their good-bys, the bride has tossed her bouquet to her waiting bridesmaids, and the happy pair has rushed away to a waiting car to begin their honeymoon trip. With a large reception and music, their friends may stay for dancing. At simpler weddings guests may linger after refreshments for conversation and coffee late into the afternoon.