Is there gambling in finland

DRUG STORES … Chemists’ shops and lots of them.

ELECTRIC CURRENT …110 to 220 volts, 50 cycles; A.C. The plug-ins are the round, two-hole type requiring European-type transformer plugs.

FAUNA … Most numerous among Finland’s mammalian fauna are the fox, squirrel, hare, moose. In the eastern and northern parts the bear, wolverine and lynx wolf are also found. For the game-bird hunter, Finland offers good opportunities. The capercailzie, the black grouse and the hazel-hen are rather common birds.

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FLORA … The flora and vegetation of Finland resemble that of northern Minnesota. More than 70 per cent of Finland’s land area is covered by forests. Predominant trees are pine, spruce and birch.

FOOD … Some of the native foods are wonderful. Of course, try the voileipapoyta (like smorgasbord), piirakka (Karelian rice pastry), Finnish pancakes served with lingonberry sauce. “Fish Cock” (kalakukko) – a strange but delicious blend of pork and fresh. water herring in a pastry loaf – reindeer steak or smoked reindeer, and in August, the crayfish. Attend a crayfish party, if you can.

GAMBLING … The National Lottery and playball machines. There is betting on horse trotting.

LANGUAGE … Finland is a bilingual country where approximately 91 per cent of the population speak Finnish, the rest speak Swedish. The tourist can easily get by in Helsinki and other big towns, as people very commonly speak English.

LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING … Laundries are plentiful. Dry-cleaning facilities are excellent.

LIQUOR … The Finns have two very rare liqueurs, Mesimarja (Arctic brambleberry) and Lakka (cloudberry or chamemorus). Scotch and American whiskies and cocktails are also available.

MEDICAL FACILITIES … The City of Helsinki Board of Health (near Market Square) arranges home calls by doctors any time of the day or night.