How to fix SCSI errors in Windows

how-to-fix-scsi-errors-windows-photoOnce your Windows NT Workstation installation is complete and the final reboot is taking place, the system freezes with a blue screen error. You can ascertain from the error that a SCSI driver is causing this issue.

Required result

Remove the offending SCSI driver and replace with a newer driver.

Optional desired results

Use Windows NT Workstation Safe Mode to configure an IRQ for the SCSI card.

Use Windows NT Workstation Safe Mode to delete the temporary configuration files.

Proposed solution

Restart Windows NT Workstation in Safe Mode.

Remove the SCSI driver under Control Panel | SCSI Adapters.

Under Control Panel | System modify the SCSI card properties to ensure a free IRQ is used.

Using Windows NT Explorer, delete the contents of the C:\TEMP subdirectory.

Since Windows NT Workstation does not have a safe mode, none of the results are met. Windows NT Workstation supports a Last Known Good Configuration menu. If you select this you can recover from errant installations of new cards and devices.

The proposed solution does not meet the required result.