How to find medical services as a denmark tourist

how to find medical services denmark tourist photoMEDICAL FACILITIES … Medical care is available to tourists at a very low cost at the Government health clinics. There are excellent doctors and dentists throughout the country.

MOTION PICTURES … English and American pictures and other foreign films are shown in Copenhagen. Better motion picture theaters include the Alexandra, the Palads, the Palladium, Dagmar, Kino Palaeet and the World Cinema. See the local papers for time and program.

MUSIC … Opera alternating with the Royal Ballet at the Royal Theater is one of the outstanding features of the winter in Copenhagen. There is an excellent symphony that performs at the Copenhagen Concert Hall and a visiting artist or musical group once a week during the winter. Also in the attractive Concert Hall of the Broadcasting House, the symphony orchestra of 90 musicians gives concerts weekly. During the summer, daily concerts are held in Tivoli Gardens.

NIGHT CLUBS AND CABARETS … Night life in Copenhagen is gay and fairly inexpensive. The clubs, now called “night restaurants,” no longer require memberships, are open from about 10:00 P.M. on. These and other restaurants with dancing and floor shows may stay open till 5:00 A.M. The Adlon is the leading night restaurant with these hours. Ambassadeur and Atlantic Palace open at 9:00 P.M. Others include Lorry, the New Look, the Valencia. There is dancing at the Wivex and in the summer at the Bellevue and the Nimb. Most hotels have good orchestras and other entertainment. There are numerous sidewalk cafes and little bars.

PHOTOGRAPHY … Copenhagen is fully supplied with all kinds of photographic equipment and supplies at prices almost equivalent to those in Germany. Black-and-white and color films are developed quickly and well in Denmark. Most photogenic parts of the city: old canals around fishmarket, flower market near the main street, stock-exchange and Nyhavn, also modern residential quarters around Grundtvig’s Church and street scenes in the rush hours.

RELIGION … The state religion is Lutheran. Other sects include Catholic, Episcopal. Methodist, Presbyterian and Jewish.

RESTAURANTS … Eating being one of the Danish national pastimes, it’s hard to find a poor restaurant in Copenhagen. You’ll seldom go wrong just walking into the first place that appeals to you. The restaurants listed below are among the most widely known. There is excellent French food and a Parisian atmosphere at Au Coq d’Or. There are also excellent restaurants in the Tivoli Park area: the Belle Terrace, Divan I and Divan ll, the Nimb and the Wivex which have lovely dining terraces. The De 7 smaa Hjem (7 small homes), the 7 Nations, the Hotel Imperial Restaurant, the Viking in the Palace Hotel and the Roof Restaurants at Hotel Codan, Hotel Europa and at the Grand Hotel are also very good. Oscar Davidsen’s is the famous sandwich emporium. They list 175 different varieties, all delicious and reasonably priced. Davidsen’s is also good for seafood. Frascati serves both Danish and Italian cuisine on their charming sidewalk terrace. The cafeteria at the Hotel Imperial is inexpensive and convenient, especially when you’re in a hurry. The KAR restaurants (no liquor) are also good and moderate.

Dinner is served from 7:00 to 9:00, lunch at noon and breakfast from 8:00 A.M. in most restaurants. You can eat three very good meals a day in