How to decorate place settings for a shower

Table Setting Shower should not be a surprise unless the young bride has registered her choices of patterns at local stores and the shower gifts match her selections. For instance, serving pieces in the silver or china patterns, dessert plates of some harmonizing pattern, and, to extend their glassware, perhaps Mexican or other peasant glass for porch and kitchenette meals may be selected.

A big pottery bowl for salads or fruit, epergnes and footed bowls for table centerpieces, sets (3 sizes) of cake stands to create flower and fruit centerpieces, a handsome ceramic soup tureen, glass or silver candlesticks are other possible gifts. Kind and quality of gifts, as for any shower, are determined by the way the couple will live and entertain, as well as by how much storage space their home provides.

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The Stork Shower Close friends of an expectant mother can provide a wardrobe for the baby and many useful furnishings for the nursery in a Stork Shower luncheon or tea.

Nursery supplies, thermometer, washable basinette accessories such as pillows and coverlets, soft towels, a baby scale, and other essentials are welcomed by most young mothers because they help her stretch the budget for the new member of the family. Flattering overblouses for herself and countless little gifts including socks, bootees, and toys for the playpen create a happy atmosphere at such a party.