How to create shared folders in windows fail

As the team leader for the Accounting group, you have created a shared folder named DAILY REPORT on your Windows NT Workstation for Accounting group users to access. All the other users in your group use Windows NT Workstation and TCP/IP to communicate and are members of the Accounting group.

You have just installed a new workstation for a new user named Judy. Her workstation is configured with Windows NT Workstation and her user account name is judy. When Judy attempts to access the shared folder her access is denied.

Required result

  • Ensure Judy can access the shared folder.

Optional desired results

  • Ensure Judy is a member of the Accounting group.
  • Ensure No Access rights do not limit Judy’s user account.

Proposed solution

Under Windows NT Explorer, modify the share permissions for the DAILY REPORT shared folder. Ensure Judy’s user account has change access.

Under Windows NT Explorer, verify the share permissions for the DAILY REPORT shared folder dies not have a No Access entry.

Using User Manager, ensure Judy is a member of the Accounting group.

Have Judy attempt to access the shared folder again.

When you change access to a shared resource that are based on group membership, the affected user needs to reboot their workstation. This is due to Windows NT Workstation’s security method. Windows NT Workstation uses a Security Access Token that is created when a user logs in. The Security Access Token is not changed dynamically. In this case, none of the results are satisfied.

The proposed solution does not meet the required result.