How do you use appliances in Denmark

DRUG STORES … Known as A pothek, Danish drug stores can supply all your drug needs with American or equivalent foreign products.

ELECTRIC CURRENT … 220 volts, A.C., 50 cycle. The European standard type of transformer plugs are necessary in all hotels.

FAUNA … Danish forests abound in deer, hare and wild fowl and game birds. Fishing in Danish lakes, streams and along the sea coast is excellent for both sportsmen and for the great fisheries that are one of the principal industries. Graceful swans are found in the parks and sea gulls are as common as pigeons in Copenhagen. Ducks waddle around among the people in Danish parks. Denmark is principally agricultural. There is a marvelous agricultural show the last week of J une in Copenhagen.

FLORA … Denmark is a land of beautiful flowers. The parks of Copenhagen are among the most beautifully landscaped in the world. Lilacs and roses are everywhere. The beech is the national tree of Denmark. There are impressive pine forests and lovely meadows and farmlands.

FOOD … The Danes love to eat and eat well. They have done the most with the sandwich idea. There are over 200 varieties of delicious open-faced sandwiches available, the so-called Smorrebrod, which are the uniquely Danish variety of smorgasbord. The Danish dairy products, especially cheeses, are among the most outstanding in the world. The milk is marvelous. Seafood is a national specialty. Here, Danish pastries are deliciously different from the American variety. The variety is infinite. Boiled cod, fried eel (stegt aal), and a delicious soup made of rye bread and beer are Danish national dishes, too. The Danes are great consumers of coffee and enjoy tea. Cocktails are served, but not in all circles. Denmark-43

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GAMBLING … Gambling is prohibited except at Government- controlled race tracks and other sports events.

LANGUAGE … The official language is Danish of course, but English is understood even by the man on the street in Copenhagen.

LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING … Though service is not as fast as in American establishments, Danish laundries and dry-cleaning plants are excellent. Most hotels in Copenhagen have their own facilities.

LIQUOR … Good, strong Danish beer and Danish akvavit (schnapps) are well known, as well as Cherry Heering. Good imported liquor and wines are also available.