Cheap ideas for St. Patricks day party

Other St. Patrick’s Day Parties The same color scheme and decoration suggestions, as well as menus, can be adapted to a luncheon for bridge club, sewing club, or other group, to supper after bowling club, supper for poker enthusiasts, supper for older teen-agers who enjoy folk dancing, supper for welcoming new neighbors, supper for school music director and small glee club or choral group interested in Irish music.

A Green Menu Some hostesses like to serve a green menu on this holiday. Here are some foods that come ready-tinted for this color scheme: honeydew melon, seedless grapes, avocado, limes; such vegetables as peppers, asparagus, water cress, salad greens, cucumbers, unbleached celery, brussels sprouts, cabbage, peas, chives; many versions of the pickle family, and olives; garnishes of fresh mint and parsley.

For dessert, a mint sherbet, ice cream mousse, parfait, bombe, or individual molds of delicious pistachio in the same frozen desserts. Cake icing can be tinted with a drop or two of pure food coloring.

Cheap ideas for St Patricks day party photo

Candy mints of several kinds are available in green; green nuts for topping cake frosting are the small, good-tasting pistachios; green paper frills for the crown roasts and chops add still another bit of color. Erin go bragh!