What to do for fun in Austria

Ballet … Famous ballet of the Vienna Opera. The ballet, like the opera and symphony, does not perform in Vienna from the middle of July to the first of September, when they are on tour.

Banks … The Creditanstalt-Bankverein, the Laenderbank and the Hypotheken-und Creditinstitut are Austria’s principal banks. The American Express Company will cash traveler’s checks and so will the banks and most hotels.

Calendar Of Holidays … New Year’s Day; January 6, Epiphany; Easter Sunday and Monday; May 1, State Holiday; 10 days before Whitsun Sunday, Ascension of Christ; Whitsun Sunday and Monday; 10 days after Whitsun, Corpus Christi; August 15, Ascension of Mary; November 1, All Saints’ Day; December 8, Conception of the Holy Virgin; Christmas and December 26, St. Stephen.

Climate … Of a temperate, sub-alpine climate, Austria has approximately the same seasons as New York. However, it rarely becomes either terribly hot or bitingly cold, and the seasons slip gradually into one another without abrupt temperature changes. From late October to mid-December the countryside has heavy rains, but Vienna is always agreeable. In the mountain regions snow begins to fall in mid-November. The air is crisp, clear and cold, but sunny. Spring climate in the mountains makes Austria a skiers’ paradise.

Common Courtesies And Local Customs … You may speak freely to the Austrians. The tempo of living in Austria is a bit slower than in the United States, so be patient when expecting personal service. The Austrians are very gracious. Many tourists take to native apparel upon arrival in Austria, but in Vienna the usual international city attire is recommended. Austrians enjoy going to their favorite sidewalk cafe for coffee and the newspaper.

Electric Current … Almost entirely 220 volts, A.C., although there is still some D.C. current in a few unmodified sections of Vienna. Converters for round-prong plugs are also needed.

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Fauna … The vast forest and rock districts of the provinces overflow with prize game. Chamois shooting is a special feature. Stag, marmot, roebuck, and mountain cock all abound. Hunting is good throughout the country, but the shoots of Styria, Tyrol, Vorarlberg, and the Danube are particularly renowned. All hunting equipment may be rented or brought into the country duty free. As for fishing, the mountain lakes and streams teem with brook, lake and rainbow trout, char, brook-char, pike, pike-perch, and many other fish.

Flora … The lower meadows of Oberinntal, near the Italian border, are rich in the multi-colored carpets of flowers for which the Alps are famous. Throughout the Alps the forests and flowers are strikingly beautiful, especially in the spring.