What should you serve menu for an wedding shower party

Menus Cold shrimp bisque, served in a bouillon or cream-soup cup set in a bowl of ice; crisp crackers seasoned with celery salt and paprika; chicken breasts sauteed with mushrooms, tiny curried rice croquettes; for dessert, raspberry sherbet with thin sticks of frosted white cake, and iced tea or iced or hot coffee.

A simpler menu might be: thin wedges of honeydew melon with crushed blueberries, creamed chicken in patty shell, the sherbet, and coffee.

A tray luncheon is also quite simple: assorted sandwiches, jellied fruit salad with lemon mayonnaise, the sherbet, cake and coffee.

After luncheon is finished, the hostess and guests take the guest of honor “shopping” to their special Bath Shop on the sun porch or wherever it is set up. If there is no porch or extra room for the shop, the gifts and shop can be displayed ahead of time all around the dining room.

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Luncheon served as in a store tearoom on small tables or tray tables, two or more guests at each, adds novelty when the shop setting is in the dining room. For these, small paper tablecloths and matching napkins in blue or orchid add the right color touch.