What are the travel holiday dates in Belgium

Among the principal hotels in Brussels are the Metropole, located on the Place de Brouckere in the center of town; the Palace; the Plaza; Atlanta; Albert 1; Central and Grand Hotel. The Hotel Amigo is a new charming hotel located directly behind the Town Hall and adjoining the Grand’Place. The Brussels Residence offers luxurious duplex apartments on fashionable Avenue Louise. Rates at all of these hotels run about $5 to $8 single and $8 to $12 and upwards double per day without meals.

Among the many museums and art galleries the tourist should see are the Museum of Ancient Art containing works of the fifteenth to eighteenth centuries, the Museum of Modern .Art with works of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Morgan Guaranty Trust Co. of New York, 27 avenue des Arts, Brussels; the American Express Co., 51 Cantersteen; Banque de la Societe Generale de Belgique, 3 rue Montagne-au-Parc (agents for various banks); Banque de Bruxelles, 2 rue de la Regence (agents for various banks); Banque Lambert, 11 rue des Colonies; Kredietbank, Grand’Place; Societe Belge de Banque, 61 Avenue Louise.

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January 1, Easter Monday, May 1 (Labor Day), Ascension Day, Whit Monday, July 21 (National Holiday), August 15 (Assumption Day), November 1 (All Saints’ Day), November 11 (Armistice Day), and Christmas Day are official holidays in Belgium. Processions and pageants take place all over the country. Ask at your hotel about these colorful events. Some of the interesting festivities include the Carnival at Binches on Shrove Tuesday with the procession of the Gilles; the procession of the Holy Blood at Bruges on Monday after May 2; the Combat of the Lumegon, a local version of St. George and the Dragon, as well as the procession of the Golden Cart of Ste. Waudru, both taking place at Mons on Trinity Sunday; Procession of the Penitents at Furnes on last Sunday in July; historic cortege and St. Guidon procession at Anderlecht on September 16. Most beautiful and spectacular is the mystery called “Jeu du Saint Sang,” played every 5 years in July-August on the open square at the foot of the belfry in Bruges, relating the story of the relic of the Holy Blood belonging to the city of Bruges.

American cigarettes are expensive, but local brands are good and reasonably priced. Pipes of Belgian briar are excellent and inexpensive.

No extreme temperatures at any season. May through September is the best time to visit Belgium. (Brussels is also very worthwhile visiting from December 6 through the New Year, when the city is gaily decorated.)