What are some statistics of Austria

Location – Austria lies in central Europe to the south of Germany. Vienna, in the eastern part of the country, is 224 air miles east of Munich . Characteristics – This beautiful country, which suffered so much during the war, is again ready to welcome tourists. There are many new hotels and restaurants and, of course, the same old beautiful scenery which has made Austria one of the famous tourist spots of the world. Here you find the.Vienna and Salzburg Festivals, famous the world over; Vienna with its cafes; Innsbruck with its marvelous skiing in the surrounding country of Tyrol and at nearby Arlberg. The people are friendly and you can have a delightful time.

Size – 32,374 square miles; near the size of Maine.

Capital – Vienna (or Wien), a city of 1,667,000, is similar in population to Detroit.

Government – The State Treaty of 1955 re-established the sovereignty of democratic Austria. It is a federated republic of 9 provinces governed by a parliament which meets in Vienna.

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Arts – Vienna’s reputation as an art center is due to its wonderful museums filled with collections by world-famous masters. One should visit the Albertina Museum, which houses a famous collection of the etchings of Raffael, Michelangelo, Titian, Rembrandt, and Italian and German primitives. Darer’s work housed in this museum is one of the world’s outstanding collections. The National Museum of Fine Arts contains priceless collections. Here are represented all the great masters, such as Pieter Breugliel and Darer, the best Velasquez collection outside of Madrid, Rembrandt, Rubens, Holbein, Giorgione, Titian, Moretto, Raffael and Correggio. Don’t miss the Belvedere Picture Gallery and the Vienna Museum of Natural History.