What are some medical abbreviations for words

Here are some of the more common medical terms:

Kerat- (G) pertaining to horn, cornea: keratitis, inflammation of cornea.
Kopr- or copr- (G) pertaining to feces: coprolith, a fecal concretion.
Leuk- or leuc- (G) pertaining to any thing white: leukocyte, white cell.
Mer- (G) part: merotomy, division into segments.
Metr- (G) pertaining to uterus: metritis, inflammation of uterus.
My- (G) pertaining to muscle: myoma, tumor made of muscular elements.
Myc- (G) pertaining to fungi: mycology, science and study of fungi.
Neo- (G) new: neoplasm, any new growth or formation.
Neph- (G) pertaining to kidney: nephrectomy, surgical excision of kidney.
Odont- (G) pertaining to tooth: odontology, dentistry.
Omo- (G) pertaining to shoulder: omohyoid, pertaining to shoulder and hyoid bone.
Oo- (G) pertaining to egg: oocyte, original cell of egg.
Oophor- (G) pertaining to ovary: oophorectomy, removal of an ovary.
Ophthalm- (G) pertaining to eye: ophthalmometex, an instrument for measuring the eye.
Oss- (L) pertaining to bone: osseous, bony.
Oste- (G) pertaining to bone: osteitis, inflammation of a bone.

Ot- (G) pertaining to ear: otorrhea, discharge from ear.
Ovar- (G) pertaining to ovary: ovariorrhexis, rupture of an ovary.
Path- (G) pertaining to disease: pathology, science of disease.
Ped- (G) pertaining to children: pediatrician, child specialist.
Ped- (L) pertaining to feet: pedograph, imprint of the foot.
Pneum- or pneumon- (G) pertaining to lung (pneum-air) : pneumococcus, organism causing lobar pneumonia.
Polio- (G) gray: poliomyelitis, inflammation of gray substance of spinal cord.
Proct- (G) pertaining to anus: procteetomy, surgical removal of rectum.
Psych- (G) pertaining to soul or mind: psychiatry, treatment of mental disorders.

Py- (G) pertaining to pus: pyorrhea, discharge of pus.
Pyel- (G) pertaining to pelvis: pyelitis, inflammation of pelvis of kidney.
Raeh- (G) pertaining to spine: rachicentesis, puncture into vertebral canal.
Rhin- (G) pertaining to nose: rhinology, knowledge concerning noses.
Salping- (G) pertaining to a tube: salpingitis, inflammation of tube.
Sapr- (G) pertaining to pus or decomposition: saprophyte, vegetable organism living on dead or decaying vegetable matter.
Septic- (L and G) pertaining to poison: septicemia, poisoned condition of blood.
Tox- or toxic- (G) pertaining to poison: toxemia, poisoned condition of blood.
Trache- (G) pertaining to the trachea: tracheitis, inflammation of the trachea.
Trich- (G) pertaining to the hair: trichosis, any disease of the hair.
Zoo- (G) pertaining to animal: zooblast, an animal cell.