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Innsbruck … The ancient and impressive city of Innsbruck in Tyrol is known as the capital of “The Land of the Mountains.” The best way to see Innsbruck is to walk around the city either in the early morning or early evening. In the blocks between the station and the Maria Theresienstrasse is the so-called new town, a section rich in sights, cafes and hotels. If you would like to know Innsbruck, take a tram to the point where the Maria Theresienstrasse becomes the Herzog Friedrichstrasse, a thoroughfare which bisects the old city, the part which was within the walls. There you will find the city moat used long ago, narrow Gothic houses, pointed arcades and wrought-iron signs.

The Herzog Friedrichstrasse leads directly to a little cobbled square, the Stadtplatz, which contains the world-famous Goldenes Dachl. The Dachl, a small Gothic balcony three stories high with a steeply pitched gilded roof, is a rich, gleaming wonder. The entire neighborhood of the Dachl, containing several of those fountains for which Innsbruck is famous, is a must for sightseers. Try to visit the rococo parish church of Wilten, and be sure to make a journey on one of the two cable ascents from Innsbruck. One cable railway takes you to the Patscherkofei, the other to the Hafelekar. The entire Tyrol can be seen from there, outspread like a great relief map. Good hotels include the Maria Theresia, and the Grave Bar, the new modern Europa and the Tyrol, and ancient inns such as the Goldener Adler, the Goldene Rose and the Sti f tskeller. You should visit some of the night places where you will enjoy native singing and see native dancing. Tyroleans love life, celebrations and music.

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Lienz in East Tyrol, sometimes called “the prettiest little city in Europe” set in between the High Tauern peaks and the dramatic Dole-mites, is a perfect spot to break the trip from the north into Italy. Around its quaint, lively square, which is dominated by an old rose castle now the City Hall, stand attractive little hotels, some with balconies that permit a good view of events in the square. Tempting shops are tucked under the white arched arcades. They are laden with peasant linens, trimming, knit goods, wood carvings, antiques. The wrought iron work, wood carvings and brass work are world famous. Castle Bruck on the edge of town has a gay wine stube, houses a museum with two notable collections – one archaeological, the other paintings (the ranking collection of Egger-Lienz). A new cable car up the Zettersfeld has opened a new terrain to skiiers and provides sightseers with a breathtaking panorama of the Dolemites. One day excursions from Lienz go into the Tauern (Grossglockner) to Matrei and Hinterbichl (Vienna Singing boys) to Meran, the Dolemites, to Venice. Hotels here are the Traube and the Post.