How to throw a pantry gifts shower

This is more timely if given after the couple have moved into their apartment or house, since it is a shower of packaged foods, especially delicacies for impromptu meals.

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Gifts can be various mixes, specialties such as rarebit, canned and powdered soups, appetizing smaller canned and packaged foods such as imported sausages, pâtés, anchovies, spreads, olives, sandwich fillings, fine crackers.

how to throw pantry gifts shower photo

Refreshments for this party should be made of pantry-type foods – a canned spaghetti supper, for instance, with tossed green salad, a dessert from cans or freezer such as superb home-style peaches, with cookies and coffee. A kitchen counter or playroom bar is the setting for this kind of supper.