How to throw a house cleaning party

The art of cleaning a house, and keeping it clean, is so specialized and important to today’s homemakers that manufacturers have produced hundreds of useful products which play a role in this department of housekeeping. The displays of these in grocery and housewares stores inspire a cleaning-closet gift shower, one of the most welcomed by any bride.

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The hostess for such a shower begins her plan by listing various necessities from the many available. The prospective guests choose the gift that they want to bring to the shower.

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These include silver, brass, and other metal cleaners and polishes, a cleaning kit for the bathroom, a book on how to clean house, chemically-treated dustcloths, wet mops, dust mops, dish mops, scouring brush, scouring powder for kitchen pots, soap flakes and can in which box fits, cake soap, floor wax, rubber and plastic gloves, whisk broom, fluid cleaners for mirrors, window glass, and glass-topped furniture, furniture polish, Venetian blind cleaners, a vacuum cleaner (this might be the gift of a well-to-do family or relatives).