How to solve web performance problems in windows

how-to-solve-web-performance-problems-in-windows-photoAs a web developer, it is important that your Windows NT Workstation supplies the best possible performance. You have just installed a new web-authoring package and are not happy with performance. Your Internet connection, a 512K Frame Relay connection, has not changed.

Required result

Monitor the Windows NT Workstation for CPU bottlenecks.

Optional desired results

Monitor the Windows NT Workstation for TCP/IP bottlenecks.

Display the results of your monitoring in chart form so you can associate certain system tasks with specific results.

Proposed solution

Use Performance Manager to monitor the CPU counters Processor: %Processor Time and Processor: Interrupts/sec.

Use Performance Manager to monitor the TCP/IP counters TCP:Segments/Sec.

Under Performance Monitor select View | Chart to display a chart of your counters.

Using Performance Monitor to track the Processor counters you satisfy the required result. Changing the view in Performance Monitor to chart satisfies the second optional desired result. The first optional desired result is not met, as you need to install the SNMP Services before the TCP/IP counters become available for use. You can add the SNMP Service under Control Panel | Network | Services | Add.

The proposed solution meets the required result but none of the optional desired results.