How to solve TCP/IP network problems on windows

how-to-solve-tcpip-network-problems-on-windows-photoAs the network administrator for a Windows NT network, you are also responsible for rolling out new client PCs. You recently received three new PCs without operating systems. You begin installing Windows NT Workstation using the options your company has standardized on. Your Windows NT Network uses TCP/IP and a DHCP server assigns the IP addresses over an Ethernet backbone. After you finish the installation the Windows NT Workstation cannot communicate with the network.

Required result

Ensure the TCP/IP protocol is installed properly.

Optional desired results

Ensure the DHCP assignment is functioning.

Ensure the Windows NT Workstation is connected to the network properly.

Proposed result

Check the TCP/IP protocol installation under Control Panel | Protocols. Ensure TCP/IP is listed.

Ensure DHCP assignment is enabled under Control Panel | Protocols | TCP/IP | Properties.

Form the command line run the IPCONFIG utility to ensure a valid IP address has been assigned.

Ensure the patch cable used to connect the workstation to the network works properly. You can do this by swapping the cable of a known, working computer with this one.

Verifying the TCP/IP protocol installation under Control Panel | Protocols satisfies the required result. Ensuring the DHCP assignment option is enabled and running IPCONFIG satisfy the first optional desired result. Ensuring the patch cable works satisfies the second optional result.

The proposed solution meets the required result and both of the optional desired results.