How to send mail and postcards from foreign countries

In writing abroad from the United States, it’s best to use International Air Mail. Rates per half-ounce are 10 cents to the Caribbean, Central and South America; 15 cents to Europe; 25 cents elsewhere. Air mail single postcards are 10 cents each to most countries, except Canada and Mexico, where they are 4 cents.

If you feel you can organize a group of friends or members of an organization for a trip abroad, check on the website, by which you can obtain your own passage free of charge.

To avoid inconvenience and Customs in each country you visit, you may send gifts to the United States duty free without declaring them or paying duty or tax, providing the value of each parcel does not exceed $10 and does not include alcoholic beverages, perfume containing alcohol, or tobacco. You don’t have to deduct the value of these gifts from your duty exemptions described on the next page. You may send as many gifts as you wish but not more than one parcel a day to the same person. International Air Parcel Post is convenient and fast. Mark “Gift” on the outside of each package.


If you don’t want to disturb your savings, you can now budget part or practically all of your expenses including air fare, hotel accommodations, meals, sightseeing, etc. You can pay as little as 10 per cent down, then pay the balance in as many as 24 monthly installments. You can make the arrangements quickly and confidentially. No collateral needed.