How to save money when traveling

35mm Kodachrome slides in standard 2″ x 2″ frames covering travel areas all over the world are now available, should you want to augment your collection of travel pictures with some excellent shots taken by professional photographers.

Under certain families can travel together to many areas at extra savings during winter months. The savings are substantial.

If you are interested in foreign food, buy a copy of the Complete Round tire World Cookbook of over 600 recipes gathered from famous hotels, restaurants and gourmets all over the world.

Many business firms and individuals who travel regularly find it very worthwhile to subscribe to the Universal Air Travel Plan. The contract requires a returnable deposit of $425, but an unlimited number of Air Travel Cards for members of a firm or family may be issued on a contract without further cost. The card entitles you to charge air travel at any of the offices of over 100 airlines and their appointed travel agents throughout the world. In addition, the Air Travel Card is now accepted as a personal credit reference by many hotels, motels, car rental agencies, restaurants and other services.

Half the fun of traveling is acquiring duty-free “bargains.” Your purchases-within monetary limits and depending upon the circumstances-are exempt from duty if (1) they are for your personal or household use; (2) you declare them properly on your arrival in the United States; (3) your trip was not made just to buy them; (4) you didn’t order them ahead of time. Bear this in mind when ordering from a representative of a foreign bootmaker or tailor, soliciting orders in the United States.

Be sure to read about the important duty-free regulation by which you can send gifts back to the United States without including them in limitations.


Your exemptions may include the cost of alterations and of dutiable repairs on anything you took abroad-such as your car, radio, watch, etc. But remember this: Your exemptions are lost on any article which you fail to declare on your return from the trip on which you acquired it.