How to reduce stress during the holidays

how-to-reduce-stress-during-holidays-photoThe holidays are a stressful time. It’s the end of the year and you might celebrate a religious holiday such as Christmas. Stress is a leading contributor to ill health and a poor sense of mental stability. You can do a few things to help decrease your stress level.

The beauty of these things is that you won’t need to spend much time doing them. They are built in to the holiday season, so you can avail yourself of them without any issues.

Here is how to reduce stress during the holidays:

  • Bring the color pink around the house: Pink is known to make people feel calmer and more nurtured. You can add pink to your wardrobe or choose flowers or plants that are pink. Don’t underestimate color in stress reduction. Many studies have shown that we respond to visual color stimulus as much as we do food.
  • Write down what you want: Anxious feelings can well up when you’re thinking about what you want to do during the holiday season. Remove the stress of wondering whether you will forget something by writing it down. A wise man once said:

The weakest pencil is stronger than the best memory.

He was on to something. When you write it down you allow your brain to focus on more important thing.

  • Get some help: Many local services exist to do the more mundane tasks on your list such as part planning, shopping or even wrapping gifts. When you allow someone to help you out you’ll free up yourself to focus on you. This will reduce your stress level and allow you to enjoy the holidays even more.

Remember, holidays are for celebration and fun. Take time to take care of yourself.