How to plan a wedding shower

No matter what kind of a gift shower you would like to give a girl who is about to be married, it is wise to consult her mother or family about what she needs or would like to have. She may have an overabundance of the very furnishings you and other friends had originally planned to shower her with. Her mother or close relative can give you her list of things still to be bought, and this can provide the theme for the shower.

Bath Shop Shower A Bath Shop Shower, once you have planned it with the engaged girl, can outfit the couple’s bathroom superbly and generously with accessories in the color scheme they like best. There can still be a surprise for the guest of honor at the shower in the way you and other guests present the gifts.


Select a date agreeable to the busy bride-to-be. For the invitations, draw an old-fashioned bathtub the right size to fit on your correspondence cards or note paper (see sketch). Use heavy paper or cardboard, cut bathtub out, and use it as a pattern for drawing on cards or note paper. Use blue crayon for this, or one of the engaged girl’s favorite bathroom colors. Fill the sketched tub with roughly drawn gift packages and with big soap bubbles floating above it and off the page. Below the tub, write in blue ink:

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A Bath Shop Shower for Helen Grayson!

Luncheon at my house, 1 o’clock


Saturday, May 8th

Helen’s new bathroom color scheme is blue and orchid. She needs everything! Please telephone me so we can discuss before you buy a gift for the shower.