How to make jeans more attractive

how-to-make-jeans-more-attractive-photoJeans are comfortable, affordable and casual. It’s the last one that these tips are designed for. Yes, jeans are known as casual wear, but you can make them more attractive by following a few tips. This means you can easily use them in circumstances and at events you wouldn’t have thought before.

Here are the tips for making jeans more dressy:

Expose more skin: When people see jeans they think it’s something that covers most of your body, so you need to open up a little. Short sleeves and a different top choice with a more plunging neck line allow more of you to be shown. The idea is to contrast the jean perception with your natural beauty.

Glitter and bling: Choose brighter nail and toe polish in the silver and gold range. The thought is that by providing a reference color of gold or silver you can focus on the jewelry you are wearing. And yes, make sure you’re choosing the blingest jewelry you have, but leave the gold medallions at home.

Smaller is better: Handbags and shoes should be of the smaller variety. If you go with large handbags and shoes the jeans are seen as more casual than you expect.

Dress up shoes: Pick the shoes that look more formal than others. These can include metallic coverings or heels, but make sure that you dress up. Your top half can look formal, while the shoes ruin it all. Shoes make it complete.

Yes, jeans can be used for things other than casual wear, it’s what you add to your outfit that makes the difference.