How to hold a lingerie shower

This is usually a surprise luncheon, gay with flowers, good food, and packages from every guest containing some lovely piece of trousseau lingerie. Only the closest women friends and women relatives are invited.

Lingerie colors and delicate flowers are best suited for decoration at this party. Or use an up-in-the-stars theme. Cut a large star out of metallic silver gift wrapping paper. Place the star in the center of the table on bare wood, and use a blue luncheon mat set. Or place the star in center of cloth, if you prefer to use one. Add gummed silver stars as decoration on all wrapped packages.

If possible, re-drape the dining-room windows using deep, full swags of blue tarlatan or dyed cheesecloth sprinkled with these same gummed stars of assorted sizes (see sketch). Use blue and white flowers for the table centerpiece in a blue glass or pottery bowl. Paint 4 or 5 slender wooden sticks with silver metallic paint, attach a silver star to the top of each stick, and poke the sticks into the centerpiece bouquet. They should be tall enough to stand above the flowers.

how to hold a lingerie shower photo

Roll the table napkins and slip them into napkin rings made of silver paper fastened with a star. To make the rings, cut strips of paper about 2 inches wide and 8 to 10 inches long, depending on the size of the napkins. Fasten ends together making loose ring; attach the gummed tape on the inside of the paper, to hold smoothly. Decorate each ring with gummed blue star.