How to fix windows setup problems issues

how-to-fix-windows-setup-problems-issuesIn the middle of installing a new PC with Windows NT Workstation, the SETUP program indicates there is an error on the first boot floppy disk. You have pulled the disk out, shaken it, blown on it and tried to read from it again, but the SETUP program insists there is an error.

Required result

Continue with the installation routine.

Optional desired result

Continue the installation routine without restarting SETUP.

Verify there are no errors on the remaining floppy disks.

Proposed solution

Take the Windows NT Workstation CDROM and use another Windows NT Workstation to create a new set of setup floppy disks by issuing the command WINNT32 /OX.

Move the Windows NT Workstation CDROM back to the original PC.

Insert the first floppy disk and select Retry when prompted.

By creating a new set of floppies on another Windows NT Workstation using the original Windows NT Workstation CDROM and continuing the installation you meet the required and first optional desired result. The second optional desired result is not met, as the floppies were not verified with the CHKDSK.EXE command line utility prior to use.

The proposed solution meets the required result and one of the optional desired results.