How to decorate for a wedding shower

Decoration In a sun porch or somewhere not visible to guests, set up the Bath Shop. Use mirrors for the background to increase apparent size of the display. Make shop tables and shelves by covering whatever small household tables and shelves are available with blue or orchid tissue paper, crepe paper or gift wrapping paper.

Hostess and guests work the day before the party to arrange the display and to make signs and cards and all decorations to look as much like a shop as possible. A hamper, standing metal towel rack, stacks of folded bath towels might be included. Other gifts left in opened boxes as in store displays might be shower curtains and matching window curtain, bath rug, bathpowder, oil, bath salts, and a bottle of her favorite toilet water.

Make the display area lively with bouquets of fresh or artificial flowers and large sale signs. Each sign bears the name of the guest who brought that gift: Solid Gold Bath Hamper, only $99.00 sold to Bessie Wales; Diamond Embroidered Bath Towels, ; and similar fun on large and small cards, attached to all gifts. Use cardboard of orchid and blue or cover white cards with tissue paper in these colors.

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Table Decoration Use blue or orchid organdy, linen, or cotton cloth and napkins. For the centerpiece, use any blue, lavender and purple flowers available, such as asters, iris, larkspur, anemones, hydrangea, blue ragged robins or cornflowers, sweet William, sweet peas, violets, arranged in low long bowl. Use pale blue, orchid or pink china, or white china decorated in any of these colors.