How to decorate for a kitchen shower

Menu and Table Decoration for this shower depend on the season. Fresh flowers for the table, a pretty corsage for the guest of honor are always in season. Or decorate a very large straw beach hat with small kitchen gadgets such as tiny gelatin molds, very small cookie cutters, and other shiny, small pieces. Fasten these on with gummed tape or thread. Fill the hat with artificial flowers and suspend it like a chandelier over the center of the table.

Dangle other small gifts from it these may be wrapped in bright tissue paper and fastened to the hat on the end of colored ribbons or cords of various lengths to make a shower of small, bright packages. The menus suggested for the Bath Shop Shower are adaptable to this shower.

Kitchen Utensil Shower Kitchen utensils may be included in the cutlery shower, and the party then is simply called a Kitchen Shower.

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With a cleared playroom, laundry, or basement room, a lively evening party for the engaged couple can be given, using the gift utensils as decoration. Suspend pots and pans from the ceiling on wires of different lengths, so that the upper part of the room seems full of shining aluminum, bright enamel, copper and other wares.

Make bouquets of gadgets and tie them with bright red ribbon – for instance, a wheel egg beater, cooking spoon, and wooden spatula tied together as one bouquet. Fasten the gadget bouquets around the room on side walls or in clusters around wall lights. Cut silver-foil wrapping paper in scallops and garlands and drape between the gadget bouquets and wherever decoration is needed.