How to deal with tension at home

how-to-deal-with-tension-at-home-photoIt’s the end of the holidays and a new year. Stress and tension will find its way into your life, but with these easy to follow tips you can erase tension from your life:

Massage your scalp: Better yet, have someone else do it. Massaging your scalp release tension centered in your head. To make it easier take a few drops of olive oil and some mint extract on your fingers. Use your fingers to make small circles radiating from the top of your head. Repeat your finger dipping as needed. Afterwards take a warm shower, but leave your hair wrapped in a towel afterwards.

Can roll your feet: This one sounds silly, but it works to remove tension from your feet. Rub your favorite lotion on your feet and then take a two full cold soda cans and place them on the floor. Make sure you do this at the feet of your most comfortable chair. Roll your feet over the cans and squeeze your toes. It’s guaranteed to melt away the tension.

Simple hand massage: This one can be done anywhere. All you need is your favorite body lotion,  mint extract is suggested, and cover your hands. Start by circling the stress out of your hands by gently pulling your fingers. Move to pushing on various parts of your hand. The physical stimulation will activate stress relief.

Have a great tension free new year!